jobs for people with anxiety
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If you have ever caught yourself thinking, “I have too much anxiety to get a job,” then this article is for you, as we’ve researched and compiled some of the best jobs for people with anxiety for you to explore.

You may assume that most occupations require time in the office, interaction with others, the acquisition of new skills, and frequent departures from the comfort zone, all of which might increase anxiety.

And while that may be true, there are actually quite a few employment opportunities that are suitable for individuals with mild to severe anxiety.

Read on to discover which one of the jobs for people with anxiety suits you the best.

Key Takeaways

  • For those who suffer from anxiety disorders, worry can take on an intense and out-of-control quality, which can lead them to think they can’t handle certain work environments.
  • Librarian, data entry clerk, graphic designer, IT specialist, florist, delivery driver, accountant, video editor, and freelance writer are some of the finest jobs for people with anxiety.
  • While job hunting, create a schedule, don’t take rejections personally, make time for relaxation, and reach out for assistance if you get stuck.

What is Anxiety?

Everyone, at some point in their lives, struggles with anxiety, which may be defined as an uneasy feeling of stress or fear. You might, for instance, be nervous about public speaking or attending an interview. All humans occasionally experience anxiety of this sort.

Nonetheless, some people suffer from uncontrollable, extreme anxiety. Anxiety disorders, such as panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder, can have a significant impact on a person’s day-to-day functioning. Anxiety disorders such as GAD, SAD, and others may also be identified in this population.

The most frequent kind of anxiety disorder is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Worry, insomnia, poor focus, lightheadedness, chest pain, and other similar symptoms are all signs of a generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), and statistics say that about 5.7% of adult Americans have it.

Possible triggers for this illness include biological factors, health issues, traumatic experiences, and substance abuse.

9 Low-Stress Jobs For People With Anxiety

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jobs for people with anxiety

Since you now have a better understanding of anxiety disorders and their effects, it’s important to note that the suggestions below are equally applicable to those who are experiencing depression as well.

Let’s dive into the best jobs for people with anxiety and depression.

#1. Librarian

If you suffer from anxiety, becoming a librarian may be the right career choice for you. While working in a library may require interaction with others, it also provides a serene environment in which you can work with ease.

A master’s degree in library science is required for employment in the field. After all, you’ll need to figure out how to arrange the books, journals, and such in the most user-friendly way and monitor the circulation of books.

After completing the necessary education, you can expect an average annual salary of $69.000, which is rather attractive.

#2. Data Entry

Your primary duty as a data entry specialist will be to transfer data from one database to another. Despite the job’s monotony and duration, at least you get to work wherever you like and at your own pace.

It is also simple, and several shortcuts can be used to save time and effort, depending on your degree of expertise.

You need some level of computer literacy if you want to work as a data entry professional. You will also require a computer and a stable internet connection.

Even if you don’t possess data entry skills, you can still get employed as a data entry specialist. There are many businesses that can work with and train individuals with limited practical experience.

Salary-wise, this position typically pays $38,000 per year.

#3. Graphic Designer

Become a graphic designer if you are the sort who excels at utilizing computers and has an eye for aesthetics.

The flexibility of working from home or remotely makes this a great employment option for people with anxiety. This way, you won’t have to branch out of your comfort zone to interact with new people.

A certain level of skill is required to enter the field of graphic design. In addition to expertise and a portfolio, a degree in graphic design is a very desirable qualification. Yet, there’s always a chance you’ll come across businesses that care just about your experience and a few samples of your work.

You’ll also be happy to know that the median income for a graphic designer is $52,000 per year.

#4. IT Specialist

A background in the field, such as a degree in computer science or information systems, and relevant work experience are common prerequisites for a career in IT.

However, for certain positions within the industry, online courses and informal education might be enough if you can prove you know what you’re doing.

If you have social anxiety or another form of anxiety, then this profession is perfect for you. In this position, you will be interacting primarily with machines. That way, you won’t have to stress over talking to too many people.

You have the option of further reducing your anxiety by working from home or in a quiet office. You may expect to make around $59,000 per year in compensation.

#5. Florist

Can you see yourself working with flowers to make art? If that’s the case, going into the floral industry might be a great fit for you.

Florists are responsible for creating gorgeous displays out of fresh, dried, or artificial flowers for customers to purchase. It’s also common to get requests for specific flower arrangements.

Those with anxiety will find relief in this industry because, depending on their position, they will spend most of their time alone arranging flowers or handling the store’s books.

The beautiful thing about this line of work is that there are few entry requirements. Apprenticeships, for example, are a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and training to become a florist.

This job pays an average of $27,000.

#6. Delivery Driver

You can get a job as a delivery driver if you have a valid driver’s license and a history of safe driving. A high school diploma is required, although certain employers may have additional education requirements.

Companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and even UberEats occupy this increasingly competitive market. But if you put in the time and effort, you should be able to find work as a delivery driver.

Working alone and primarily delivering items that require little interaction on your part makes this a wonderful employment opportunity for people with anxiety or depression. If you’re working with a partner, you can split the duties of driving and communicating.

In terms of compensation, you can anticipate an average annual salary of $42,000.

#7. Accountant

If you are an introvert who struggles with social anxiety, then working with numbers in an isolated place will seem like an adequate option for you.

You do need to have a degree in accounting or a closely related discipline in order to secure a career as an accountant. After all, all the company numbers depend on the quality of the work the accountant does.

Needless to say, it’s fantastic, as it involves very little to no communication with people. You will typically carry out assigned tasks and submit required reports. However, you will have to deal with your superiors on occasion.

The average annual salary for an accountant is $87,000, so that’s good news.

#8. Video Editor

Are you passionate about all things video-related? Then, why not try your hand at being a video editor?

You don’t need any qualifications to become a video editor. All you need is a good laptop and some other gear like hard drives, as well as digital tools, including video editing software and online cloud storage.

Most clients will inquire about your previous experience as well as your portfolio. But don’t worry if you don’t have any. You can ask them to execute a trial task so they can see your skills in action.

This is a fantastic career for folks with anxiety or depression, as you generally work alone from home and have minimal interaction, at least face-to-face, with the clients.

In terms of pay, expect $60,000 on average a year.

#9. Freelance Writer

If you’re an introvert who loves to write, you should consider freelancing.

Independent authors are solely responsible for their own success. You won’t have any trouble getting work if you have the necessary writing skills and can demonstrate your competence through relevant experience or examples of your previous work.

You can either apply to companies that are actively hiring freelance writers, or you can start your own company and utilize your connections to get the word out.

In either scenario, working from home at your own pace is an option. Salary-wise, you can expect to earn an annual income of $50,000.

4 Tips For Reducing Anxiety When Job Hunting

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Now that we have established what good jobs for people with anxiety are, we can look at strategies for reducing stress throughout the job search:

  • Create a routine. Even if you’re now eager to find employment, your motivation won’t last forever, which is reason enough to establish and maintain a routine. Your job hunt can be viewed as work. That’s right; you can carve out time in your schedule to find a job. This way, job hunting can easily be included in your existing routine.
  • Don’t take rejections personally. Responses to job applications aren’t always what you’d like to hear. Everyone has to deal with rejection at some point in their lives. Keep in mind that they are never meant to be taken on a personal level. All it means is that you weren’t a good match for the role. You can discover a job that is a better fit for your skills and experience after receiving a rejection letter.
  • De-stress. The process of looking for a job can be very demanding. It takes a lot of time and effort to sift through the numerous listings. Maintaining a state of calm, relaxation, and productivity requires daily de-stressing. Going on a walk, listening to some music, meditating, and other such activities can all help you relax and unwind.
  • Ask for help. You should always seek assistance if you encounter difficulties or are unable to move on due to a lack of necessary knowledge. In times of difficulty, it’s okay to ask for assistance from those closest to you. If there is someone who can make this journey easier for you, why not take advantage of the opportunity?

Final Thoughts

And this concludes the nine perfect jobs for people with anxiety.

Anxiety might make it difficult to focus on the job search. But there’s no need to worry; there are several viable jobs for people with anxiety, including occupations ranging from graphic design to accounting.

We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of the employment landscape for those who struggle with anxiety and depression. Good luck with your job hunt!

Jobs For People With Anxiety FAQ

#1. How to find a job with anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety and are currently on the hunt for a job, some strategies that may help include developing a routine, taking breaks, seeking help if you need it, and remaining calm in the face of rejection.

#2. What is a good career for someone with anxiety?

People with high levels of anxiety have several options when it comes to choosing a profession. Florist, librarian, and freelance writer are just a few of the many good career options.

#3. Can you work with severe anxiety?

Even if you suffer from extreme anxiety, you can still find work and excel at it. First and foremost, it’s crucial to get a proper diagnosis and start working on a treatment plan for anxiety. Then you can think about applying to all the different jobs for people with anxiety.