best travel jobs

Are you the type of person who adores exploring new places? In that case, you are sure to enjoy our detailed rundown of some of the best travel jobs out there today.

There are tons of jobs out there that let you work and travel simultaneously, and some even pay for you to travel!

We have researched and listed the 16 best travel jobs for you to consider. From digital marketing to bartending, there is something for everyone.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • We classified the best travel jobs into four categories: jobs for digital nomads, expats, backpackers, and finally, jobs that pay you to travel.
  • Web designer, digital marketer, writer, and online English teacher are among the occupations available to digital nomads.
  • Au pairs, NGOs, English teachers, and babysitters are a few of the most sought-after expat employment opportunities.
  • Jobs that pay you to travel include a cruise worker, flight attendant, photographer, or travel blogger.
  • Working as a tour guide, hostel employee, bartender, or yoga instructor falls into the category of the best travel jobs for backpackers.

Types of Travel Jobs

If you are looking for the best travel jobs, you should start by familiarizing yourself with the few different types of them available.

Consider the following:

  • Digital nomad. People who use tech to work remotely while traveling are known as digital nomads. They have the option to work from any location in a variety of industries, including design, IT, and marketing.
  • Expat. Those who leave their native country to live abroad are known as expatriates or expats. Moving is frequently motivated by a desire for improved career possibilities in the workplace.
  • Jobs that pay to travel. Of course, some jobs call for travel. Pilots, hotel managers, and geologists are a few professions that involve extensive travel. Traveling in this situation can be viewed as a bonus on top of your regular salary or wage.
  • Backpacker. Backpacker jobs are the kind that let you work for a short period of time before leaving to travel to another destination. Given that you are not restricted to a single place of employment, it is a fantastic way to travel.

4 Digital Nomad Jobs

two women sitting at a beach with a laptop

Some of the best travel jobs in the world are those for digital nomads. Digital nomad jobs allow you to work in a variety of different industries from anywhere in the world.

#1. Web Designer

Within the IT sector, there is a profession called web design, which involves website planning, development, and coding at its core. To create the site’s structure and functionality, they use web development languages including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Having a bachelor’s degree in web design or a closely related discipline is not necessary to find a job as a web designer, but it is considered a plus. Having a portfolio of your work, one to three years of professional experience, and familiarity with Adobe Creative Cloud software will also go a long way in helping you land that job.

If you work as a full-time web designer, you can expect to make, on average, between $49,000 and $90,000 a year. However, you can charge anything between $30 and $80 per hour if you work freelance.

#2. Digital Marketer

A digital marketer should be able to carry out marketing campaigns. More specifically, those in this field need to use a variety of digital platforms to promote a range of goods and services to a certain target audience.

Digital marketing is one of the best travel jobs for college graduates, especially those who have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, digital media, communication, or a related field.

However, even if you lack a formal degree, you will still be able to apply your acquired skills by working as a freelancer, which essentially makes digital marketing one of the best travel jobs without a degree as well.

Digital marketers have the potential to make $62,000 a year in salary. This is the estimate for full-time digital marketers. If you choose to work as a freelance digital marketer, your hourly rate can range from $50 to $200, depending on your experience.

#3. English Teacher

Teaching English online is an excellent remote job that allows you to travel and discover the world.

Regarding the level of English proficiency, in most cases, you will need to have a TESOL or TEFL certificate if you want to be successful and make a solid living.

There are a few steps to becoming a teacher, and the aforementioned TESOL/TEFL certificate is one of them. It is the entry-level certification required for teaching English as a foreign language. You must take in-person or online courses to receive the certificate and complete 120 hours of training for both.

In addition to the certificate, you obviously need a laptop, reliable internet, and the ability to use a platform like Zoom through which you can hold your lessons.

In terms of pay, you can choose your own rates, which can range from $10 to $40 per hour. In essence, your qualifications and experience determine how much you get paid.

#4. Writer

Writing is another one of the best travel jobs that pays well. You can write from almost any place on the globe, and as you travel and broaden your cultural knowledge, your writing will likely improve as well.

There are many accessible writing careers, and the requirements vary depending on the position.

You might, for instance, work as a copywriter for a marketing agency. In this situation, a bachelor’s degree in marketing communications or a closely related discipline is definitely a plus, along with some past experience.

However, if you work as a freelance writer, you can draw on the knowledge, skills, and experiences you’ve acquired over the years to inspire your writing. You can try to find another writer to serve as your mentor and give you advice on career growth.

In terms of compensation, copywriters in marketing agencies may expect to make $83,000 a year, while freelance writers can charge between $10 and $50 per hour.

4 Expat Jobsan Asian woman in Japan best travel jobs

Finding better professional prospects abroad is one of the main drivers of expat migration.

Here are the three best travel jobs for foreign nationals.

#1. Au Pair

Au pairs are people, usually women, who work in the home and perform duties like cleaning, cooking, child care, and similar things. They receive shelter, food, and pocket money in return.

You can register on the official Au Pair website and search for available positions there. The requirements for age, language, and other factors must also be met.

In addition to receiving free food and housing, au pairs often get at least $100 in pocket money each week, depending on the location.

#2. NGO

You might look for NGOs in the country of your choice that support causes that you find important even before your departure. You can find an NGO that focuses on resolving environmental issues, for instance, if you are passionate about sustainability and want to have a green job.

Working for an NGO also gives you the opportunity to work in a range of departments, including project management, marketing, and many more.

Salary levels vary among NGOs, and your particular paycheck is also determined by your position. But in general, you can anticipate anything from $20,000 to $86,000.

#3. English Teacher

You can try to become an English teacher if you are certified to do so ( a TESOL or TEFL certificate) and possess the necessary skills, such as patience, the ability to manage groups of people, resolve conflicts, etc.

You can submit applications to a variety of institutions or businesses that offer English language instruction. Depending on your choices and qualifications, you can opt to work with either adults or children.

You should expect around $50,000 on average for compensation. Naturally, the sum fluctuates depending on the country and the institution.

#4. Babysitter

Many expats opt for babysitting jobs because they are very simple to obtain, pay well, and give you the chance to network with locals.

Families seeking a babysitter typically don’t ask for any special qualifications. To make sure their children are safe, they might inquire about your educational background and prior experience, and sometimes they might ask for recommendations.

Ask around in your community, introduce yourself to friends and other contacts, and perhaps look into online babysitting platforms if you want to find work as a babysitter.

For taking care of one child, babysitters can make around $20 per hour.

4 Jobs That Pay to Travel

photographers taking photos of the sunset best travel jobs

There are several jobs available that pay you to travel to various locations, with some of the top ones listed below.

#1. Cruise Worker

There are many open roles on a cruise ship. You may, for instance, organize activities, serve food and drinks, be a part of the hospitality staff, and so on.

To get this kind of job, you need to do the following things:

  • Do your research and make a list of the top cruise ships you want to work on
  • Keep close tabs on openings on their websites
  • When you find an ad that feels right, submit an application

As one might expect, salaries vary by position. As a crew member, you can expect to earn between $16,000 and $20,000 per year. However, if you work as a leadership staff member, your earnings could range from $30,000 to $100,000.

#2. Flight Attendant

There is a lot that flight attendants do. They supply food and refreshments, serve as the passengers’ guides, help them, and assure their safety, among many other things.

However, there are a few important things you must have to work as a flight attendant:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Completion of an airline orientation course
  • An FAA-issued certificate proving proficiency
  • At least 18 years of life

The salary range is between $48,780 and $76,920, but it all depends on the airline and your position, of course.

#3. Photographer

Even as a freelance photographer, you likely try to travel in order to find inspiration and fresh subjects for your photographs. However, people who work for publications, advertising agencies, and such not only get the chance to see the world but are also compensated for their travel.

If you want to work as a travel photographer, you should consider the genre of photography that you enjoy the most before exploring job opportunities, whether they are with a newspaper, magazine, or agency.

The typical yearly salary for travel photographers is $50,000, and the majority of their costs for things like lodging, meals, and transportation are also covered.

#4. Travel Blogger

One of the best travel jobs for influencers is travel blogging. One can get sponsored by different brands to travel and advertise a certain product if they own a YouTube channel or are active on Instagram.

Typically, people with somewhat established follower bases are the best candidates for this position, as their income is directly tied to the size of their fan base; if they have between 10,000 and 20,000 followers, they may expect to make about $250 for each post or blog. From then on, the prices can go up almost indefinitely.

Additionally, some brands charge more than others. Therefore, this is unquestionably among the top-paying travel jobs.

4 Best Backpacker Jobs

a traveler with a backpack walking

For those who like to lead very active lives, one of the best travel jobs is backpacking. In a short period of time, you can go through a variety of workplaces and locations.

Let’s take a detailed look at a few of the best ones.

#1. Tour Guide

Some people thrive on consistency and therefore wouldn’t mind giving the same tour over and over again, while others might want to change things up and show visitors something new each time.

So, if you wish to work as a tour guide, you first need to decide what kind of excursions you want to lead and where you would like to offer them. After that, you must work to obtain training and a work visa.

One of the best-paid travel jobs is being a tour guide. They earn an average of $34,000 annually.

#2. Hostel Worker

Depending on how quickly you want to switch locations, you can apply to work at a different hostel in a different city every few months.

You can perform a wide range of tasks as a hostel employee, such as welcoming guests, housekeeping, customer service, and much more.

There are no formal schooling requirements or elaborate certifications for employment at a hostel. You merely need to be qualified for the position you’re applying for, which you may do in person or online through the website.

In general, hostel employees can expect to make $32,000 per year.

#3. Bartender

If you want to work at a bar, you might need to start as a barback and work your way up while becoming acquainted with the establishment and the way things are done.

In addition, you must possess a bartending license. You can do that by enrolling in a bartending school or a program with official accreditation.

If you work your way up to becoming a head bartender, you can expect to earn an average salary of $89,366.

#4. Yoga Instructor

Becoming a yoga instructor is a great way for you to stay active, earn money, and travel the world.

You must finish a training program and earn your CPR certification if you want to work as a yoga instructor. Once you’ve done that, you can search for studios with open yoga instructor positions and submit an application.

Yoga instructors typically earn $20 to $35 per hour on average.

Final Thoughts

This wraps up the top 16 travel jobs you should consider applying for in 2024.

Before you do so, examine the four categories of travel employment to nail down which one you are most interested in. Once you decide what you want to work as, all that’s left is to search for the best travel jobs and apply.

The process may be a bit overwhelming, so we hope that this will help you narrow down your search and focus your energy on the right jobs for you!

Best Travel Jobs FAQ

#1. What is the highest paying travel job?

Travel blogging is probably the highest-paying job. Travel bloggers can earn $250 or more for each post or blog.

#2. What is the best job to have while traveling?

Writing is a terrific option if you want to work from anywhere and travel, while a photography job might cover your travel expenses as well.

#3. How can I travel for a living?

Making a living while on the road is possible in a number of ways. Blogging about your trips and making money off of it through things like ads and sponsored posts is one option. You can also submit your travel stories and images to editors for publication and thus make a living through freelance travel photography.