If you are a service-oriented person who is passionate about making a difference in your local community and possibly around the globe, then nonprofit jobs are ideal for you!

Whether you wish to contribute to healthcare, education, or the environment, you will undoubtedly find a position that matches your skills and, most crucially, your enthusiasm.

If you don’t know where to begin your job hunt, this article will help you learn how to get a nonprofit job that will suit both your abilities and interests.

Key Takeaways

  • A nonprofit job enables you to serve a cause by working with a nonprofit organization.
  • The advantages of having a job with a nonprofit include collaborating with like-minded people, having greater benefits, and gaining new skills.
  • Project coordinator, grant writer, event organizer, social media manager, and web developer are five jobs you can also do in the nonprofit sector.
  • Think about doing market research, building a network of professionals, engaging in volunteer work, assessing your talents, and researching various causes if you are seeking a job in the nonprofit sector.
  • Idealist, The Foundation List, NPO, The Nonprofit Career Network, and Work for Good are among the top job boards for nonprofit organizations.

What Are Non-Profit Jobs?

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Nonprofit jobs are the type of employment that aims to serve the community through charity, education, the arts, philanthropy, science, religion, and a lot more. Nonprofit jobs have a mission, and that is to create as much positive change as possible.

If you want a nonprofit job, first look into non-governmental organizations (NGOs). An NGO is not entirely different from a private-sector company. While the missions may be different, you still get paid, receive employment benefits, and so on.

NGOs offer entry-level nonprofit jobs, remote nonprofit jobs, and a lot more. It all depends on the organization and the kind of agreement the executives can reach with the candidate.

There are also various nonprofit job titles to choose from. So consider your interests when it comes to the type of work you would like to do, be it a human resources position, counseling and support jobs, or something completely different.

When it comes to the skills and knowledge required, many nonprofit jobs require a bachelor’s degree, so you’ll have much better chances if your field of expertise is close to what the position requires.

Apart from that, you need to have great communication, time management, organizational, and problem-solving skills, as well as a passion for making a difference and creativity to generate new ideas.

Benefits of Having a Non-profit Job

Working nonprofit jobs can give you a great sense of personal satisfaction as you get to fulfill a mission. Nonprofit jobs are also associated with higher job satisfaction. And if that’s not enough, here are more of the benefits that come with working in nonprofit jobs:

  • Collaborating with like-minded individuals. Working for a nonprofit will expose you to many individuals who share your values and beliefs. This will promote your personal and professional development and enable you to establish a network of individuals with whom you can collaborate in the future.
  • Greater benefits. Nonprofit jobs frequently offer more employment benefits than jobs in the private sector. Among other things, you receive more vacation days, have access to numerous training opportunities, can work remotely, and have a flexible schedule.
  • Acquiring new skills. You might have to swap positions periodically if you work for a nonprofit. Therefore, if you are employed as a graphic designer but have experience with fundraising, you may need to step up and assume responsibility for certain fundraising duties. This way, you will redefine your skills while simultaneously acquiring new ones.

5 Non-Profit Jobs

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Let’s look at a few nonprofit jobs that might interest you, so you can learn more about the field. Each of these nonprofit jobs gives you the opportunity to help and make a change in your chosen field.

#1. Project Coordinator

Project coordinators are responsible for executing projects. Their responsibilities include organizing meetings and events, implementing the budget, providing updates, communicating with other departments, and adhering to the project plan to guarantee its success.

A project coordinator is a first-level management position. This means that a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field is very likely required.

Additionally, you must have prior experience in a similar role. You will also be expected to have most of the necessary skills for managing teams and tasks, as well as excellent verbal, written, and presentation abilities.

The average annual salary for this position is $53,000.

#2. Grant Writer

Grant writers conduct research, prepare grant proposals, and submit them in order to assist their employers in getting funding.

A grant writer is an intermediate or experienced-level position. A bachelor’s degree is often required, and if you happen to have a degree in marketing, communication, journalism, or literature, you might stand out from the competition.

A degree in one of the above-mentioned disciplines will guarantee that you possess the necessary skills for the position, including proficiency in writing, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to meet deadlines.

You can expect to receive $72,000 annually for this position.

#3. Event Organizer

Event organizers are responsible for the event’s logistics. Specifically, they select the venues, engage the caterers and performers, and coordinate every detail prior to and during the event.

An event organizer is an entry-level position. A degree is not required to become one. However, having specific qualifications or certifications will increase your likelihood of being employed.

There are numerous online courses, training sessions, and programs you can enroll in to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for this position.

In terms of compensation, you can expect to earn $64,000 per year.

#4. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for the online presence of the NGO. This entails managing their social media platforms, generating engagement, uploading content, collecting insights, and a great deal more in order to expand the organization’s online presence.

Social media management can be regarded as an entry-level position. A bachelor’s degree is not required, but having one in communication or marketing is a significant advantage.

This position offers flexible hours and the option to work remotely, as all duties can be completed virtually if you have the necessary technical tools and excellent communication skills.

The average annual salary for this position is $72,000.

#5. Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for the creation and maintenance of an organization’s website. They must work on both the aesthetics and the technical aspects of the website, such as speed, traffic capacity, etc.

A web developer is a position for those with intermediate or advanced experience. In some instances, a degree is not required, but fundamental knowledge and skills are. For instance, you must be proficient in certain coding languages, software applications, and a great deal more.

Once you secure the position, however, you will be rewarded with a flexible schedule, the option to work remotely, and an average annual salary of $82,000.

How to Find Non-profit Jobs

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Now that you may have an understanding of the types of nonprofit jobs you wish to pursue, let’s review some tips for obtaining a nonprofit position.

Do Market Research

Initially, you should evaluate the type of nonprofit work that interests you. Is it healthcare or education? Perhaps social work or environmentalism?

Once you have determined the answer, you can begin researching the respective market. Conduct a Google search for the positions in which you are interested. You can also utilize job-listing websites such as LinkedIn.

When conducting market research, it is important to consider factors like flexible hours, vacation time, a collaborative team, and many other factors. Ultimately, ensure that the organization’s mission aligns with your core values.

Create a Network

When looking for a job, it is always a good idea to consult your professional network. They may have connections to recruiters who can assist you or to non-governmental organizations that would be a perfect fit for you.

If you do not already have a professional network of individuals who can assist you in this matter, you can always attempt to build one. You can establish communication with the employees of the NGOs you wish to work for, among other things. You can connect with them on LinkedIn and request job-search advice or assistance.

Try Volunteer Work

Volunteering with non-governmental organizations is one of the most common ways to enter the nonprofit sector, as participation in volunteer work is available in every nonprofit organization.

While you will not be compensated, you will learn a great deal about NGO work, acquire the skills necessary for career advancement in any field, encounter a large number of like-minded individuals, and create a network that will assist you in future endeavors.

Volunteering can be very enjoyable, as you may be required to travel, coordinate games, perform arts and crafts, and much more.

Consider Your Skills

While there are numerous nonprofit job titles to choose from, your chances of obtaining a position increase if you already possess the necessary skills and have relevant experience.

For instance, if you have experience working at a hotel front desk, you may be well-suited for a hospitality position at any NGO.

Nevertheless, you may be interested in entering a previously unexplored field. In such instances, you can acquire the necessary knowledge through online resources and courses.

In any case, having appropriate expertise is advantageous but not required for obtaining employment at an NGO. As long as you are motivated and enthusiastic about the cause, your chances of being employed are great.

Look Into Causes

Consider the causes they serve when deciding which nonprofit positions to search for or apply for. Most likely, you are already passionate about a particular cause; therefore, the best course of action is to search for nonprofit jobs that align with your interests.

You do not want to wind up in an organization working on a cause that has nothing to do with your passions. While you will acquire new skills and gain some practical experience, you will not feel fulfilled.

Carefully consider all the causes you would like to support and fine-tune your job search accordingly.

Non-profit Job Boards

Here are some of the best job boards that you can review during your search for a position at an NGO.

  • Idealist. Idealist lists over 130,000 organizations and seeks to staff these non-governmental organizations with graduates, interns, and volunteers who are passionate about social impact.
  • The Foundation List. The Foundation List connects professionals in the field with employers from U.S. NGOs. This job board offers numerous resources, including news about nonprofit organizations worldwide.
  • NPO. NPO works with the U.S. market to connect NGOs with job seekers who want to make a difference. The platform provides hiring tools such as job distribution and featured listings to help recruiters discover the most qualified candidates.
  • The Nonprofit Career Network. The Nonprofit Career Network connects NGOs and charities with motivated candidates for part-time, full-time, and volunteer work in a variety of professions.
  • Work for Good. Work for Good enables organizations to locate motivated candidates who are eager to engage in the nonprofit sector. For a more streamlined experience, the platform employs applicant tracking, bulk employment packs, and other extras.

Final Thoughts

Working for an NGO will enable you to develop a diverse set of skills, network with like-minded people, and make a difference through your work, most likely leaving you feeling fulfilled.

Carefully examine the information in this article when searching for a job with a nonprofit organization to increase your chances of landing your ideal job.

There are numerous positions at various NGOs with a variety of professions, so take the time to evaluate each one and select the one that best matches your interests, values, and qualifications. Good luck!

Non-Profit Jobs FAQ

#1. What is the best nonprofit to work for?

The National Institute of Aerospace, Habitat for Humanity, and DoSomething are among the finest nonprofits to work for. However, the ideal nonprofit for you will be the one that aligns with your interests and career development objectives.

#2. What roles are there in nonprofit organizations?

Nonprofit organizations offer a vast array of positions in various fields. You can expect to find project coordinators, event organizers, IT specialists, child counselors, and other positions. So, regardless of your interests, there will be a job that is ideal for you.

#3. What is a nonprofit example?

There are numerous varieties of NGOs. Nonprofit organizations include churches, public charities, research institutes, labor unions, volunteer service groups, and others.