We go through a lot of stressful situations during our daily lives, so it’s safe to say that low-stress jobs that allow for some moments to relax are probably a better option for most of us.

However, figuring out which of these options fits with your education and prior work experience can be very difficult. So, to help you on your quest, we’ve compiled a list of the best options on the market today.

Keep reading to explore the 15 low-stress jobs that pay well and allow for some flexibility.

Key Takeaways

  • Stress is hard to define, and it depends on the person and what they’re experiencing to pinpoint what makes a particular job stressful.
  • Jobs are often classified as stressful when a person has no control over the work dynamic and has no clear instructions on how to do the job well.
  • Some of the best low stress free jobs include but are not limited to: orthodontist, librarian, university professor, writer, pharmacy technician, massage therapist, dietitian, interior designer, hair stylist and jeweler.

What Makes a Job Stressful?A black and white photograph of a woman sitting with her head in her hands, appearing stressed and overwhelmed

When you think of stressful jobs, the ones that quickly come to mind for many are those related to the medical field. From long working hours to panic and hectic environments, medical-related jobs will definitely top the list of the most stressful jobs out there.

Usually, there are six factors that can make a job stressful.

Those are:

  • Demands: The inability to handle job demands
  • Control: Having no control over how the job is conducted
  • Change: Has no knowledge of changes in the company
  • Role: Unclear about the role and responsibilities
  • Relationships: Unstable coworker relationships
  • Support: Not enough information and support to do the job well


Besides these common attributes, classifying a job as stressful cannot be generalized. Many people are affected by stress differently, and that is also a major contributor to figuring out what makes a job stressful.

15 Best Low Stress Jobs to Consider in 2023low stress jobs

Although there are no stress-free jobs, these positions are the best option if you’re looking for a relatively calm working environment:

#1. Orthodontist

Annual salary: ≈ $150,000

Education requirements: Degree in Dental Medicine

If you’re looking for a high-paying, low-stress job position, then an orthodontist might be just the right fit for you! Contributing to beautiful smiles is considered a luxury, so your only job is to provide that feeling to your patients, and you’ll get paid very well in the process

No need to worry about delivering any bad news.

Although the road to this career path is quite challenging (medical school is not easy), it’s worth it considering the work environment and the benefits.

#2. Massage Therapist

Annual salary: ≈ $55,000

Education requirements: High school diploma + Therapist Training Certificate

The very word “massage” creates a calm and slow-paced image in the mind. Since massage therapists are helping clients relax their muscles, improve circulation, and feel better in general, this type of job is considered relatively low-stress.

Massage therapists are used to working in quiet environments without any rush, which makes this one of the best low-stress jobs out there.

#3. Hair Stylist

Annual salary: ≈ $28,000

Education requirements: Cosmetology License

Although you do have to deal with many people, a hairstylist is considered one of the least stressful options out there.

Your job is basically to have small talk with clients and help them look beautiful, and the best part is that you don’t need a degree and you can even become your own boss.

#4. Jeweler

Annual salary: ≈ $43,000

Education: High school diploma

Jewelers are people who work with metals, stones, and all things sparkly and shiny. They have a good knowledge of each specific metal type, know how to shape them, and also do jewelry resizing and repairs.

Although it’s not a very popular option, it provides a relatively good salary, and it’s almost stress-free.

#5. University Professor

Annual salary: ≈ $89,000

Education requirements: PhD in a specific subject

If you love shaping young minds, becoming a university professor is definitely the right fit for you. It’s considered one of the most secure jobs, and it pays quite well.

As a university professor, you’ll get the chance to work with students who respect you, which makes this position much less stressful than, say, that of a middle school teacher.

#6. Pharmacy Technician

Annual salary: ≈ $36,000

Education requirements: High school diploma + Certification from The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP)

A pharmacy technician’s main job is to assist operations in the pharmacy, such as filling up prescriptions, checking the pharmacy’s inventory, and helping out the pharmacist with day-to-day tasks.

Although the pay is relatively low, the fact that this is a low-stress job and that there are no prior job requirements to become a pharmacy technician also makes it worth it!

#7. Librarian

Annual salary: ≈ $68,000

Education requirements: Master’s degree in MLS (Library Sciences)

The absolute best option for low-stress jobs for introverts might be becoming a librarian. There is literally not a single place on earth that is quieter and calmer than a library.

As a librarian, you can easily get employed by different schools, universities, and public libraries. Your main job is to keep track of memberships, books, and other inventory. It’s definitely the best pick if you’re looking for a low-stress job with comfortable pay and a quiet environment!

#8. Technical Writer

Annual salary: ≈ $63,000

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in either Journalism, English, Communications or the technical field (recommended)

If you’re more of a writer type of person than a talkative one, becoming a technical writer is a great option for you.

The main job that a technical writer has is to absorb complex information and write about it in an easy-to-understand way. It is also the only type of writing position for which you don’t need to use creativity. Instead, you’re required to have sufficient knowledge of the subject and the ability to break down complex concepts.

The technical writer position is considered low-stress as you will have little to no social interactions.

#9. Database Architect

Annual salary: ≈ $114,000

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in either Computer Science or Computer Engineering

Although being a database architect might sound like a difficult job, it’s way less stressful than you might think. As a database architect, your main job is to analyze the company’s data and suggest solutions for storing it. You’ll also get the opportunity to work in a lot of industries.

Since this is a responsible job, becoming a database architect requires you to know how to network to get referrals and have some communication skills since you will need to consult with people from different departments. But it is still relatively low-stress overall.

#10. Interior Designer

Annual salary: ≈ $50,000

Education requirements: Bachelor’s in Design + Passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) Exam

As an interior designer, you’ll get to express your artistic side and creative skills to make any living space comfortable and beautiful.

A great understanding of color theory and blueprints is a must. But with that out of the way, you’ll have a fun, low-stress job option to express yourself and be paid comfortably.

#11. Food Scientist

Annual salary: ≈ $64,000

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in either Biology, Chemistry or Food Science

As a food scientist, you’ll get to apply your geeky side by exploring and studying all aspects of food. Your main job is to check what nutritional values a specific item has, develop and analyze new sources, and check whether some types of food are safe for consumption.

It’s a great low-stress option for those who are quite focused and enjoy doing lab work, as a food scientist has to observe and conduct research.

#12. Personal Trainer

Annual salary: ≈ $65,000

Education requirements: High school diploma + CPR/AED Certification

A physical trainer’s main responsibility is to motivate people and help them reach their fitness goals. Anything from losing or gaining weight to building muscle is in your hands. Your job is to create workout routines and, sometimes, diet regimens.

If you’re wondering why this position is considered a low-stress job, the answer is—flexibility! As a personal trainer, you’ll get to work for hospitals, gyms, and, most importantly, independently!

#13. Dietitian

Annual salary: ≈ $67,000

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree from a university accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE)

Dietitians create diet plans to help clients with certain health issues and reach their fitness goals. It’s definitely a job that requires empathy and the ability to motivate, as the main priority of this job is to convince people to follow a well-balanced nutritional diet plan.

It deserves a place among the low-stress jobs, as it is one of the most flexible and easy positions in the medical field.

#14. Accountant

Annual salary: ≈ $86,000

Education requirements: Bachelor’s degree in either Business or Accounting

An accountant’s main job is to handle bookkeeping and keep financial records in order. Although it can get stressful during tax season, throughout the rest of the year, you’ll get to work on your own, with little to no social interactions.

You’ll also get the chance to choose whether to work under a contract or as a freelancer.

#15. Astronomer

Annual salary: ≈ $120,000

Education requirements: PhD in Astronomy

If you love space and are mesmerized by the universe and the cosmos, becoming an astronomer is the best way to geek it all out! As an astronomer, you’ll get to conduct research and uncover the mysteries of the universe.

A great knowledge of math and observation skills are a must, and you need to go through a 5-year study program, but it’s definitely all worth it in the end.

All the hard work will literally pay off, as this position provides a fairly high salary, and the job is almost stress-free as well.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve decided what you want to pursue or are still figuring out what career is best for you, aiming for a low-stress job is a worthy goal. Although it might seem impossible to find a good fit for you, there are plenty of options out there, many of which we’ve discussed here.

Good luck, and remember that it’s perfectly okay to aim for a comfortable and stress-free job. It’s something you’ll do almost every day, and the thing you should fear most is spending each of those days hating it.