Job boards, also called job board sites, are a staple in modern-day search for employment opportunities. One of the benefits of using job boards is the abundance of options for job vacancies.

You can find openings that match your career choice or professional experience. On the other hand, too many options can also prove overwhelming and difficult if you don’t know where to look.

Fret not—we’ve listed some of the best job boards on the market to streamline your job search process and increase your chances of landing your dream job!

Key Takeaways

  • The top-rated job boards in 2024 are Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, Career Builder, and ZipRecruiter.
  • Career portals are similar to job boards in that they are also used to promote job opportunities from different employers. However, some businesses may use career portals to exclusively promote their own job vacancies and work culture.
  • Job search engines offer a broader range of job vacancies and potential candidates for employers and applicants because they index resources from dozens of job boards and company sites.

17 Best Job Boards on the Market

job boards

Job boards are websites where recruiters post and advertise job vacancies in their company.

Since the competition for employment hunting is at an all-time high, so is the competition for job board sites. As such, the market for various job boards is continuously expanding.

That said, here are the top-rated job boards on the market currently on the market:

#1. Indeed

Indeed is currently among the most prominent job boards. Established in 2004, Indeed has linked millions of job seekers to diverse job openings from companies and websites.

To find job openings on Indeed, you must create an account first. You can create an account by creating a new email and password or logging into the job board using your existing email or social media credentials.

Once you’ve created an account, you can scour Indeed for employment opportunities by location, job title, and salary range.

Indeed also lets you gain additional information about companies posting job ads on the website by clicking the ‘Company Reviews’ section. The section reveals vital information about recruiters and companies, particularly about work culture, compensation, and job security.

#2. LinkedIn

Technically, LinkedIn is a social media platform designed for business professional networking. Its primary mission is to connect professionals from across the globe and showcase their professional profiles, skills, and qualifications.

LinkedIn inevitably expanded into a go-to platform for people to find job vacancies related to their expertise.

Recruiters post job openings on LinkedIn and scour through millions of profiles to find potential candidates.

As such, one of the best ways to find relevant job vacancies on LinkedIn is to perfect your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your educational and employment details are up-to-date.

Have your colleagues and supervisors endorse skills that are significant to your job role on your LinkedIn profile to boost your credibility in your respective field.

The more you tailor your profile to your professional experience, the higher the chances of your profile appearing in search results when recruiters filter applicants and candidates for the job. You will also pique the interest of potential employers and fellow professionals in your respective industry.

Alternatively, some recruiters enable candidates to send their credentials by providing a link to their LinkedIn profile to save time.

#3. The Ladders

The Ladders ranks third on this list because it stands out among other job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and ZipRecruiter due to its focus on executive-level and high-paying positions.

It is a suitable choice for job seekers who have already built an extensive and impressive portfolio following their years of experience in their chosen career.

The Ladders lists job openings with salary offers of at least $100,000, which means that the opportunities are limited to a select work classification only.

Users can create a free account or a premium (paid) account. The Ladders also offers an Apply4Me feature, which automates the application process by letting the Ladders team seek job opportunities for you. All you have to do is answer an 18-point questionnaire and upload your CV, and The Ladders will take over from there.

#4. Glassdoor

One critical factor distinguishing trustworthy job boards for remote work is transparency. That is why Glassdoor focuses on establishing clarity and coherence between recruiters and candidates.

Glassdoor lets companies and recruiters post job ads for free. In contrast, job seekers can check honest and reliable feedback about employers regarding their salary offers, company culture, and employee benefits, to name a few.

The first step to commencing your employment hunting on Glassdoor is creating a profile on the website. To build your Glassdoor profile, you must prepare a brief introduction, a profile photo, and a resume.

You must also enumerate your skills and qualifications and provide your contact information in case hiring specialists take an interest in your profile and find your work experience fit for the position.

Glassdoor’s job search tool effectively lets you filter employment ads by job type, location, industry, company size, and salary range. At the same time, you can filter the search results’s recency by specifying the dates of job ads.

#5. Monster

As opposed to Ladders, whose target audience is job seekers looking to land high-paying, executive-level jobs, Monster caters to applicants for lower to mid-level career opportunities.

Like most typical career platforms, Monster lets candidates upload their resumes and send applications to employers who post hiring advertisements on the website. You can search for jobs by state or category.

A broad range of career opportunities are posted on Monster, ranging from administrative, maintenance, and social service jobs to engineering, healthcare, and managerial positions.

#6. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter uses AI to match employers with suitable candidates for the available positions in their company. Specifically, the career platform’s AI recruiter, Phil, assists job seekers in finding available careers aligned with their work experience and skill set.

ZipRecruiter has a ‘1 Click Apply’ service, which lets you save your resume and brief information about yourself on file. Clicking the ‘1 Click Apply’ option on a job post sends your employment information to the recruiter.

When a recruiter or employer views your application, you get instant notifications and consistent updates on your application status.

#7. Mashable

Mashable is an online job board tailored for the tech industry. It boasts over 45 million monthly site visitors and promotes employment listings from over 12 countries globally.

Employers get to choose a subscription package that helps determine how many days their job advertisements get featured and shared across partner websites like Nexxt and Adzuna.

For job seekers, Mashable has a ‘Build Your Resume’ feature that lets you create a standout resume in minutes, ‘featured’ and ‘recent’ jobs categories for better job hunting results, and the option to turn on job alerts so you get instantly notified of any job opening that suits their experience.

#8. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is the best option if you are searching for remote work or jobs that offer flexible hours. FlexJobs has gradually gained more visitors and welcomed more virtual, freelance, and part-time job listings following the emergence of work-from-home arrangements.

Aside from sharing and promoting job listings from different employers, FlexJobs provides users with events, career-related articles, and opportunities to join career coaching seminars. The job listings also include additional information on the job offer, such as the employer’s scheduling and traveling requirements.

Furthermore, you can compare your salary expectations with the proposed salary rates in each job advertisement.

If you want better results and access to more features, you can try FlexJobs’ paid subscriptions, which range from $9.95 for weekly access to $59.95 for year-long access to broader coverage of job listings, resume reviews, and coaching discounts.

#9. Google For Jobs

Google For Jobs collects and shares databases of job listings that fit a candidate’s work experience and skill set with the help of machine learning and AI. Google For Jobs bases its indexing on related keywords from the user or applicant.

Google offers a free service that indexes job ads from across the internet. Recruiters can boost the reach of their job postings by sharing their ads on other job boards, such as Indeed, to increase the visibility of their job posts.

Meanwhile, you will surely benefit from the broad job search results offered by Google For Jobs. You can filter job ads by employers, location, job role, and posting date and focus your search on contractual, part-time, or full-time job offers.

#10. Snagajob

Snagajob is home to job offers that pay hourly rather than fixed rates. It offers many job opportunities you wouldn’t usually find on other job board sites.

Taco Bell, Olive Garden, Amazon, Mcdonald’s, KFC, and Sephora are just some companies offering hourly jobs you can find on Snagajob.

Snagajob provides job seekers with candid and no-fuss results based on industry, hours, and location. You don’t have to upload your resume or create one because your Snagajob profile lets you provide all essential details about your previous employment.

For instance, you can add your educational background, work experience, and availability in terms of work hours. You also have the option of adding character references.

#11. Handshake

Albeit highly convenient and helpful, online job boards can be so concentrated with several job openings that it becomes challenging for fresh graduates to find opportunities and internships that suit their chosen career path.

Tagged as an all-in-one recruiting platform for early talents, Handshake brings career and internship openings to college students and fresh grads.

Handshake offers tools and features for employers and applicants. Employers can tailor their brand on the website to appeal to a younger generation of applicants, particularly the Gen Zs who are either still in college or fresh out of university.

The job board site also offers employee testimonials, smart filtering for qualified candidates, job postings to over 1,400 educational institutions and schools affiliated with Handshake, and even custom analytics to help gauge team performance and the effectiveness of career campaigns and events.

Students and alums can explore Handshake’s guide to creating an account in Handshake and how to start building their career. Aside from helping students and fresh grads find a job opening or employment opportunity relevant to their course, Handshake also links applicants to upcoming events and job fairs to help expand their professional network.

#12. Career Builder

Despite being among the oldest-known online job boards in the market, Career Builder still tailors to the younger generation of job seekers. Like its pioneering job search sites, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, Career Builder has earned a reputation as a reliable job posting resource.

Career Builder is free and houses thousands of job listings across the US. Fortune 500 companies, such as Wells Fargo and Hilton, use Career Builder to scout professional talents to fill job vacancies.

The user-friendly interface of Career Builder makes it a breeze to find part-time and full-time jobs. You can also find freelance job opportunities and purely remote-based work.

The job postings on Career Builder come with detailed descriptions about each job opening. In case you find multiple opportunities that match your experience, don’t worry—you can save the listings and review them again later.

Other impressive features include a career advice hub, salary search tools, an Android and iOS-compatible mobile app for job seekers, and over 70 ATS integrations for recruiters.

#13. Dice

Dice is another niche job board site. It concentrates on job vacancies for tech and engineer positions and is among the most trusted job boards for job seekers who want to pursue a career in IT and engineering.

Using Dice is relatively straightforward. Simply look for employment vacancies that match your professional background and apply by uploading your resume. At the same time, you can get information about the salary offer for each job posting and seek career advice from Dice’s array of timely articles about tech industry-related trends.

Dice is filled with junior to senior-level positions that effectively narrow your employment options. Profile Visibility and Custom Job Alerts create a personalized search for your preferred job role.

#14. Talent Zoo

Talent Zoo focuses on helping employers showcase available job roles in marketing, design, advertising, web, and other creative fields.

Experts consider Talent Zoo an excellent resource for finding talents for the creative industry because it effectively maximizes SEO, SEM, email marketing, and content marketing to score partnerships with significant job search companies.

Talent Zoo offers subscription-based and free access to potential candidates and job applications. It assists employers in filtering multiple portfolios to find applicants whose credentials match the qualifications they are looking for.

At the same time, the job board site enriches the industry knowledge of job seekers through regularly publishing informative and fresh content that delves into key digital marketing trends.

Lastly, Talent Zoo also offers career advice, such as how to ace job interviews for marketing positions or how to tailor one’s resume to showcase their advertising and design skills.

#15. Konen & Lorenzen

Konen & Lorenzen supports job seekers in finding the best travel and tourism jobs. Employers in the hospitality, catering, and other related industries also use Konen & Lorenzen to find qualified candidates for available positions in their company.

Upon free Konen & Lorenzen website registration, job seekers are offered one-to-one career counseling with their personal consultant. The counseling is done either face-to-face or via a phone call.

Career counseling aims to help candidates improve their resume and credentials and prepare for job interviews. The website also guides applicants in assessing their career goals, professional preferences, and personal needs.

It is important to note that Konzen & Lorenzen explicitly expressed that it may acquire references without the candidate’s permission and send their application to prospective employers.

Konzen & Lorenzen also facilitates communication between potential employers and shortlisted candidates.

When it comes to supporting employers looking for new candidates to join their team, Konzen & Lorenzen evaluates the clients’ requirements by reviewing candidate profiles, conducting preliminary interviews, and examining each applicant’s professional background.

#16. SimplyHired

The SimplyHired job board hosts job advertisements from millions of businesses and employers.

Despite its extensive job vacancies, it also caters to freelancers, candidates looking for entry-level roles, and applicants in search of high-paying, skills-based careers.

Employers can post their job vacancies for free and get notified when job seekers send applications for their openings. A single listing also gets promoted to several job boards, effectively targeting more prospective candidates for the job.

Job seekers rarely fall short of nearby job opportunities because SimplyHired regularly posts new career openings. Finding potential employment is made better with field and industry-related search filters.

#17. Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace designed to help freelancers promote their services and expertise to potential clients.

What sets Fiverr apart from other freelancing job boards is it lets freelancers advertise their services instead of having them present their resumes and qualifications just as they do in a traditional job interview.

Fiverr is open to all types of professional backgrounds. You can promote your services as a social media expert, content writer, graphic designer, digital marketer, animator, programmer, video editor, photographer, lifestyle coach, or business consultant.

All you have to do is create an account and customize your Fiverr profile. Next, pick the best work in your portfolio and provide concise information about your expertise.

You can create a personal website to link to your profile to increase your chances of enticing more high-paying clients to hire you. Aside from a personal website, you can also build a logo representing your brand and services.

The Difference Between Job Boards and Job Search Engines

job opportunity

The main difference between job boards and job search engines lies in the scope of resources each presents to job seekers regarding employment opportunities.

A job search engine can provide more extensive employment opportunities than a job board. Let’s explore more distinctions between the two below:

  • Indexing. Job boards only source job listings posted by employers on the website. Job search engines host job opportunities from multiple sources, including job boards and company websites.
  • Value for money. While job boards offer free subscriptions, they don’t generate stellar results for employers. In the long run, employers eventually have to subscribe to paid accounts to unlock more job board features and post more job postings.


It may not be an ideal choice for startups looking to speed up and enhance their hiring process while staying on budget. On the other hand, job search engines let employers sign up for free and still gain favorable results without the strong need to switch to a premium or paid subscription.

  • Job specification. Job search engines offer a broader pool of candidates than job boards, meaning recruiters may end up sifting through mountains of job applications and resumes. With job boards, employers with career openings for specific and specialized job positions attract more candidates suitable for the role.

Job Boards FAQ

#1. What is the best job board to use?

The best job board based on the overall reviews of employers and job seekers is Indeed, followed by LinkedIn and Monster. However, determining the best job board depends on the candidate’s career path, professional experience, employer and employment preference, and salary expectations.

#2. What is a career portal?

A career portal is similar to a job board, and it is also used to advertise job openings from different businesses and employers.

#3. What’s the difference between a job board and an employer’s career portal?

A job board houses job postings from multiple employers, companies, and websites. It offers many employment opportunities to job seekers that suit their professional experience.

Meanwhile, a career portal may be used by an employer to spread the word about the job vacancies offered by their company and provide additional information about their business and work culture.

#4. What is the best job board for remote work?

FlexJobs is deemed the best job board for remote work. Other commendable remote job boards worth exploring include We Work Remotely, Working Nomads, and

#5. What’s the best job board to use in the USA in 2024?

Indeed is deemed the best job board to use in the USA in 2024. Glassdoor, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, and ZipRecruiter are notable job search sites worth the hype.

Final Thoughts

Job boards are undeniably one of the best ways to find job opportunities and make your job search easier. They bring together employers and candidates from across the globe, effectively expanding career choices for freelancers, fresh graduates, applicants looking for senior positions, and skilled individuals in different industries.

Before starting your next job hunting, quickly review this article to scale your options and increase your chances of finding a job and an employer that suits your expectations, preferred work culture, and expertise!